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Protecting Your Alexandria & DMV Area Home Against Termites & Other Wood-Destroying Insects

When it comes to pests in Alexandria, VA, not all are created equal. Although none of them are welcome in our homes, the level of difficulty we have with them varies greatly from pest to pest. Some are simply a nuisance, some easily spread pathogens that cause illnesses, and some cause serious damage to the structures we live in. Termites fall into the last category.

Termites and other wood-destroying insects are a serious threat to your Northern Virginia home because they eat, chew, or bore into the wooden structures within your house. While a damaged chair isn't too great a loss, the major trouble comes when these pests start digging through the wood that holds up your house. If your home is not currently protected against wood-destroying insects or if you suspect these pests have already gotten inside, it's time to take action with the help of Matar Termite & Pest Control.

Our Termite Control Offerings

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A detailed inspection provides a solid foundation upon which to build an effective termite control plan. One of our certified technicians will perform your inspection, using their trained eyes to detect and identify the infestation's sources and locations. Our inspections are extremely thorough in order to provide you with the best results.

First, we identify the species of termite or other wood-destroying insect as this will help determine what treatment type will be the most effective. The species of termites we deal with are typically either subterranean termites or drywood termites. Other wood-destroying insects include powder post beetles, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and more.

Once we've determined the type of pest, we'll look for any signs of moisture problems, as this is what leads to an infestation in the first place. If we find any, we'll identify the source of the moisture so that we can eliminate it at its root.

Finally, we'll inspect the structure to identify any conditions conducive to a termite problem that are leading to or aiding in the infestation. This inspection is extremely detailed and includes an examination of:

  • Cracks in the block or concrete foundation that provide hidden avenues of entry.
  • Wooden posts or supports set in concrete that come in contact with the soil underneath.
  • Concrete porches with earth (debris) fill.
  • Form boards that were left in place after the slab was poured.
  • Leaking pipes or air conditioning drip lines that allow moisture to accumulate at the foundation.
  • Shrubs that block crawl space vents, reducing ventilation and trapping moist air.
  • Construction debris in the backfill beside the structure.
  • Low foundation walls and footings that allow wood-to-soil contact.
  • Stucco or veneer carried below graded soil that allows hidden access into the structure.
  • Wooden fences and landscaping materials against the side of the structure that would enable access and moisture.
  • Paper collars around pipes and ducts that provide access to the structure.


After such a thorough inspection, your experienced technician will provide you with his findings and make recommendations about the best course of treatment for your particular problem. We'll base this recommendation on the type of insect that's active in your house, as well as the conducive conditions we found. In some instances, we may recommend a couple of different treatment methods in order to eliminate both the infestation and the conducive conditions.

Our treatment methods include:

  • In-ground and above-ground bait stations
  • Liquid soil injections
  • Fumigation
  • Heat treatments
  • Exclusion to resolve moisture problem

Prevent Costly Termite Damage In The DMV Area

For the most comprehensive termite and wood-destroying insect control in Northern VA you'll find, Matar Termite & Pest Control is the company to call. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced, and we're ready to protect your home from the pests that threaten it. Contact us to schedule your detailed inspection.

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