Alexandria Property Owners' Complete Guide To Termite Protection

termite crawling

Termites are one of the worst pests that you can find around your Alexandria property because of the sheer amount of destruction they can cause. Unfortunately, termites in Alexandria are a fairly frequent problem for home and business owners, and they can end up costing you a lot of money in repairs. On average, a termite infestation will cost homeowners around $3,000 as these pests eat through the wooden structures around your property.

To handle these pests and learn how to prevent them, you first need to know how to identify termites. Termites look different depending on what role they play in their colonies. The worker and soldier termites are a cream to tan color and don’t have wings, and you’re very unlikely to see them at all. The reproductive termites, on the other hand, have wings and are a dark brown to black color. They leave the colony to expand and reproduce, so they are more likely to be seen around your property.

Termites are a big concern because they often invade a home for months before you even notice them. This is because they live inside walls and other areas that you don't have access to, so taking preventive steps is important.

What Attracts Termites To Your Property?

To protect your home or business and to save yourself stress and money, it's important to understand the factors that attract termites in the first place. By reducing these elements, you’ll have the best chance of keeping termites away.

The main reason termites come inside is moisture. They also need to have access to the building to get inside. If you have many places around your home where termites can enter, including holes in the walls and a foundation with soil to wood contact, you’re more likely to get termites.

How To Eliminate Factors That Attract Termites

Now that you understand why and how termites are getting into your property, you can take the time to remove and reduce these factors. This is overall the best way to keep termites away and avoid the damage they cause. Here are some of the best prevention measures you can take:

  • Termites are attracted to moisture, so remove excess humidity by fixing leaky plumbing, using dehumidifiers, and ensuring good ventilation.
  • Remove any wood that has water damage from around your property.
  • Get rid of any decaying organic matter around your property which includes dead leaves and grass.
  • Store firewood about 30 feet away from the building’s exterior and keep it nearly stacked.
  • Limiting soil to wood contact is one of the best ways to deter termites, so install a barrier between the building’s foundation and the soil.
  • Fill up any holes and crevices in the foundation and walls of your home or business.

Get The Best In Termite Prevention And Control

The fact of the matter is that termites are a hard pest to prevent and even harder to remove. The only effective way to eliminate a termite infestation in its entirety is through professional pest services at Matar Pest Control. We are a family-owned company with nearly 30 years of experience, and we know how important it is to deal with termite infestations immediately.

Let our team of experts protect your property from termite damage through ongoing termite prevention and control services. Find out more, and even get a free inspection, by giving us a call today.