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What Smells Will Keep Mosquitoes Away From My Alexandria Home?

mosquito on a piece of grass

There is a trend sweeping the country, particularly when it comes to mosquito control. What is the trend? It is the use of essential oils to deter pests. This may be why you've stopped by this page. You know that natural smells can keep mosquitoes away, and you want to learn more. Today, we're going to discuss which smells keep mosquitoes away from you and away from your Alexandria home. We're also going to discuss some of the pitfalls of this method of mosquito control. It is important that you understand these pitfalls. If you don't, you could place yourself and your family at risk. Mosquitoes aren't just irritating insects that leave itchy welts on your skin. As we're sure you know, mosquitoes in Alexandria can spread dangerous diseases. Here's what you need to know.

Common Mosquitoes In Alexandria

In our area, we have several mosquito species. Two types of mosquitoes that are of concern are Culex mosquitoes, which can spread the potentially deadly West Nile virus, and Aedes mosquitoes, which spread malaria, Zika virus, dengue disease, and many others. The scents that deter these mosquitoes have some variance, so you'll need a mixture of essential oils to protect yourself. One scent doesn't deter all mosquitoes.

Natural Scents That Deter Mosquitoes

Many oils derived from natural sources can keep mosquitoes from landing on your skin. These oils need to be put into water before applying to your skin or clothing. Use a mixture of citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, geranium, and rosemary for the best results. Together, these make a concoction that smells unpleasant to mosquitoes.

The Pitfalls Of Natural Mosquito Repellents

At this point, you may be excited. It is a lot nicer to spray eucalyptus and lemon on yourself than to douse yourself with bug spray. It can also have some impact. You may be able to go outside with the mixture provided above and get zero mosquito bites. You'll even prevent ticks from getting on you. But keep these facts in mind:

  • Natural products don't last long, and there is no way to know how long they'll last. If you don't continue to apply them, they will stop working at some point and put you at risk.
  • Natural products have little or no effect as a deterrent to the landscaping around your property. Rainwater washes these products away, and they also become inert over time.
  • A determined female mosquito will not be deterred. Both male and female mosquitoes feed on nectar to survive, not blood—as you might think. When a female flies around you to get a blood meal, she is acutely aware that drawing blood from you is vital for reproduction and the continuance of her species. If she has had trouble finding a blood meal, she may bite you even though you don't smell good.

The Best Way To Prevent Mosquito Bites

It might seem like spraying yourself with a repellent derived from natural sources is the best way to deal with mosquitoes, but it isn't. The best way to prevent mosquito bites is to not have mosquitoes in your yard. What? How do you do that? You invest in seasonal mosquito control services with Matar Termite & Pest Control. We will treat your yard with a synthetic product designed to target mosquitoes and prevent mosquito development. This prevents hundreds of mosquitoes from hatching in your yard and will significantly reduce the mosquito population in your yard.

If you're looking for effective mosquito treatments in Alexandria, VA, reach out to our team at Matar Termite & Pest Control today. An expert will walk you through our mosquito control options or discuss other year-round pest control plans. Call us now to learn more!