What Alexandria Property Owners Ought To Know About Termite Swarmers


What Alexandria Property Owners Ought To Know About Termite Swarmers 

March 15, 2021 - Termites

Termite swarmer's invading a homes foundations

Day in and day out, Alexandria home and business owners make decisions to avoid certain negative outcomes. They often have to consider the future, and put things in place to ensure their plans run smoothly. The same approach should be taken with pests in Alexandria. Several insects and creatures are able to penetrate properties in a quiet manner. Their populations can grow in an instant, and the grave circumstances won’t be evident until major destruction has been done. Termites are a demonstration of this.

Termites are wood-wrecking bugs that generate $5 billion in costs each year in the United States. People tend to lean on insurance companies with this kind of crisis, but most won’t lend a hand. Considering that termites hide in walls, it can be difficult detecting them. Learn about the indicating swarmers and how you can stop them from taking over your property with Matar Termite & Pest Control.

What Are Termite Swarmers? What Are the Risks?

Unfortunately, termites are a constant threat. Each subspecies has its own peak activity season. Some of the groups that dominate start up new colonies in the spring. This cycle is facilitated by flying swarmers. These winged insects are ½ of an inch long. Their bodies are black, brown, or yellow. When they’re ready to mate and their current nest is overflowing, they’ll spread out. You may see them stopping by a light or window. Worker and soldier termites stay out sight behind foundations. Typical workers are grayish white or white; soldiers are yellow-brown. Both are about 0.12 of a inch long. Soldiers will have big jaws and rectangular heads to distinguish them. Considering how these two classes hide, spotting a swarmer is a leading sign of infestation. Further tip-offs are:

  • Seeing swarmer wings scattered about
  • Finding wads of fecal frass in proximity to holes, maze patterns, mud tubes, made by termites
  • Having hollow walls
  • Noticing noises, such as rustling and clicking, behind walls 
  • Discovering shedding and stained paint
  • Having discolored and hanging drywall
  • Squeaking floorboards and untethered tiles 
  • Taut doors and window frames

While termites breed and carry on with their grinding of wood, the walls and bases of your property will become delicate. They could fall and land on you, a relative, a patron, or employee. The emotional weight of that would be immeasurable. Physical injury or death could be alongside having to relocate to another house or operational building. No disease will come, but allergic reactions might happen.

How Can You Prevent Termite Swarmers?

If you’re proactive about lawn and exterior maintenance, your chances of being distressed by termites is lower. You’ll have to remember that warding these bugs off is worth the endeavor, because the necessary tasks might feel like chores: 

  • Take out or repair rotting or spoiled wood 
  • Fix leaks and moisture dysfunctions, concentrate on those wetting wood first
  • Mend cracks in utility lines, foundations, and caulk
  • Attach screens to vents that are outside 
  • Wash out vents and gutters often 
  • Don’t let free wood, like lumber pieces, sit on soil 
  • Distance loose wood and greenery at least two feet away from the property
  • Cut grass, plants, and flowers frequently

What Will Matar Termite & Pest Control Do About Termites?

Our name, Matar Termite & Pest Control, says it all. We have a dedicated focus on termites and their elimination. Our highly trained technicians will thoroughly examine interiors and exteriors for nests, entry points, and vulnerable elements. Then, they’ll utilize our advanced home pest treatments and tools. Options include liquid soil injections, bait stations, heating solutions, fumigation, and moisture exclusion. All are safe for vegetation, pets, and humans. When you call us today at Matar Termite & Pest Control, you’ll be offered a free inspection!