How Can I Prevent Ticks Around My Alexandria Home?

tick ready to jump

You’ve likely heard about the risk of tick bites. These parasitic pests are notorious for spreading diseases, especially Lyme disease. Yet, despite the well-known dangers, it’s easy to underestimate ticks in Alexandria. Most people don’t spend much time thinking about tick prevention, and if you rarely spend time in the wilderness, you might think you’re not at risk.

Yet, the truth is that ticks can invade properties in the area. These parasites can get in and around your home and put yourself and your family at risk. Learn how to keep yourself safe from ticks by reading this pest control guide on preventive measures.

Types Of Ticks In Alexandria

Ticks are arachnids and are closely related to spiders. They have eight legs and drink blood from animal or human hosts. There are three kinds of ticks in Alexandria you should know. They are:

  • The black-legged tick is also known as the deer tick. This species has a reddish-orange body and black legs and commonly transmit Lyme disease. 
  • The American dog tick is reddish-brown with some cream-colored markings.
  • The Lone Star tick has red-brown females with a single white spot on their back, and the males have multiple white dots.

It’s common to encounter ticks while hiking or camping, but ticks move onto properties on the bodies of rodents or wildlife.

Why Are Ticks Becoming A Problem Again?

Depending on the species, ticks either go dormant in winter or attach to a host. Once the weather heats up, they become active again and reproduce. So, ticks are more common in the spring and summer, and you’re more likely to be bitten.

Summer is also when many other pests are prevalent. Species like rats, mice, squirrels, and raccoons can carry ticks and bring them into your yard. Because ticks are parasites, they must feed on a host to survive, so tick prevention often involves a two-fold approach. You’ll need to address ticks themselves as well as their host pests.

Essential Tick Prevention Tips For Alexandria Residents

To keep your property free of ticks, our experts at Matar Termite & Pest Control suggest following these tick prevention steps:

  • Deter wildlife from your yard by installing fences, removing bird feeders, and storing pet food inside.
  • Remove humidity problems from the property by eliminating standing water and fixing leaky plumbing.
  • Protect yourself from bites when outside by wearing long clothing and staying on established trails.
  • Trim up foliage around your yard and have ticks rest on overgrown plants as they wait for a host.
  • Keep rodents out by cleaning your kitchen and placing lids on all trash cans.
  • Ensure that your pets are kept protected by contacting your vet. 

Most importantly, contact the Alexandria pest control experts at Matar Termite & Pest Control for ongoing tick protection.

Benefits Of Professional Treatment For Ticks

You likely won’t notice a tick has bitten you at first. Ticks are sneaky pests that wait on long grass or bushes until a host gets close enough. Ticks can also transmit illnesses such as anaplasmosis and Lyme disease, so it’s essential to take their presence seriously.

The easiest way to address ticks and their host animals are through Alexandria tick control services. Learn more about preventing these dangerous pests from your property by giving Matar Termite & Pest Control a call today.