Wasp Prevention 101: Steps You Can Take To Keep Wasps At Bay In Alexandria


Wasp Prevention 101: Steps You Can Take To Keep Wasps At Bay In Alexandria

August 15, 2023 - Wasps

wasps crawling on their nest

Your outdoor space should be a place to relax and enjoy, but wasps can turn your peaceful backyard into a danger zone. If you find yourself hiding in the house to avoid these pests, it’s a good time to learn more about pest control in Alexandria.

Several species of wasps build nests on local properties, so we’ll help you learn how to identify the problematic pest on your property and review the health risks that come with them. We’ll also provide some effective tips to help you keep wasps away. Learn more about keeping wasps away from your Alexandria home with the experts at Matar Group.

Distinctive Wasp Characteristics: How To Identify Wasps

Learning to differentiate between the various species of wasps is the first step in controlling them and avoiding stings. But wasp identificationcan be challenging for homeowners, especially when you are trying to avoid being stung.

The following list describes the most common wasps we find around local homes:

  • Bald-faced hornets: Black with white markings, social wasps that build aerial paper nests
  • Mud daubers: Usually black, but sometimes have lighter markings, solitary wasps that construct nests made of mud
  • Paper wasps: Brown with yellow or red markings, social wasps that build umbrella-shaped paper nests
  • Yellow jackets: yellow and black social wasps that construct underground or aerial paper nests

If you have trouble identifying the wasps on your property or need assistance removing them, the pros at Matar Group are here to help. Contact us today to request more information or to schedule a free inspection.

Health Risks Of Wasp Infestations: Allergies And Other Concerns

Most types of wasps can sting multiple times and are especially dangerous for people allergic to their venom. Some social species, such as yellow jackets, are more aggressive, and if you approach their nest, the colony will come out to defend it. 

A single wasp sting, for someone that is not allergic, typically results in redness, swelling, and pain at the site. You should seek medical attention if you receive multiple stings or show signs of allergy, such as trouble breathing, vomiting, or hives. It is best to avoid any nests you find and contact the pros at Matar Group for assistance in removing them.

Strategies For Wasp Prevention: Effective Tips And Tricks

Because wasps are flying insects, there is no way to ensure they stay away from your property completely. But there are several ways you can avoid attracting them.

Here are some effective tips and tricks for wasp prevention:

  • Close garbage bags tightly and place them in containers with secure lids.
  • Rinse out food containers and soda cans before disposing of them.
  • Keep food and drinks covered when dining outdoors, and promptly clean up spills and crumbs.
  • Consider removing hummingbird feeders or moving them further away from the house.
  • Ensure wasps stay out of the house by sealing cracks and crevices and repairing tears in screens.

If wasps continue to cause problems in your yard, the experts at Matar Group can help you determine what attracts them. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection or for assistance with wasp removal.

Expert Wasp Extermination: Swift And Effective Solutions

The fastest and most effective way to handle a wasp problem in your yard is to contact a professional company like Matar Group. Our pros can assist with wasp nest removal and offer suggestions to help keep them from coming back. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Alexandria.